If the first few weeks of January are anything to go by, 2019 is going to be a pretty great year for veganism. With a huge new plant-based range at M&S, the Greggs vegan sausage roll gaining national coverage and even Gordon Ramsay opening up to a greener way of eating, this year is gathering a lot of momentum. As well as new ranges in supermarkets, restaurants all over are rolling out new vegan options left right and centre, making it easier than ever to go vegan.

Among those restaurants is Lebanese canteen Comptoir Libanais in the centre of Exeter. By no means newbies to the veggie game, Comptoir have been a high street favourite among many vegetarians and vegans for a while now, with a menu containing several fresh and vibrant Middle Eastern plant-based options. In celebration of Veganuary, Comptoir have a Vegan Feast on offer – three colourful courses for just £12.95. We were invited along to the Exeter restaurant to try it out for ourselves.

To start we tucked into a generous serving of irresistible Red Pepper Hummus with pita bread, alongside a very refreshing Quinoa Tabbouleh. Made up of mostly fresh herbs, the Tabbouleh was almost too refreshing, so we saved most of it to have on the side of our mains.

To headline your feast, choose from a rich, warm and comforting Aubergine Tagine or a fresh and crunchy Couscous salad for your main course. The Tagine was utterly delicious – baby aubergine baked beautifully in a tomato and chickpea sauce, with a sprinkling of crispy pomegranate seeds on top, served on perfectly cooked rice. On the lighter side, the Couscous salad was enriching, nutritious and full of texture. The soft and flavourful roasted butternut squash combined wonderfully with the crunchy mixed nuts.

A sweet and silky Coconut Mouhalabia with mixed dried fruit finished off the feast with it’s syrup-drenched goodness, along with a pot of rose mint tea – expertly poured – to cleanse our very satisfied palates.

If you’re keen to explore something different to the typical pizza or veggie burger or if you’re looking for a dining out experience that’s a little less stodgy and a little more satisfying, then the Vegan Feast at Comptoir Libanais is probably just what you’re after.

Guildhall Shopping Centre, Queen St, Exeter EX4 3HP