Breakfast at Cafe Magdalen

Sitting modestly amongst the charming selection of shops along Magdalen Road, a bustling cafe offers a surprisingly wide range of plant-based options in a lively and comfortable setting. From fry-ups to paninis, there’s a surprising range of vegan options on this menu.

Vegetarian and vegan options are marked on the menu at Cafe Magdalen, and friendly staff are always on hand to offer help. Rhona, the cafe’s lovely owner, says the aim is to create a welcoming atmosphere where groups can come together and enjoy eating out at ease, no matter their dietary requirement.

There is a vegan option in the majority of the sections on the menu, from breakfast to lunch with lighter and more indulgent versions of each meal. From Matcha porridge with almond milk or a full vegan fry up, to a vegan panini or large salad with thickly cut bread, the food is fresh, thoughtfully-prepared and nicely presented. Milkshakes can also be made with almond or soya milk, and come in a variety of flavours – and these ‘Thickshakes’ certainly live up to their name. Going for the banana flavour, it was so thick the straw barely sank into the drink, and it didn’t last very long!

There are two vegan fry up options, depending on how gluttonous you’re feeling. The big vegan breakfast is pretty much a doubled-up version of the standard vegan breakfast, for just over £2 extra, which, admittedly, is quite hard to resist. The large plate full of food arrived to wide eyes and a rumbling stomach, and every component went down a treat. Hash browns, Linda McCartney sausages and baked beans with well-cooked tomatoes and mushrooms, beautifully balanced fried bread, and a side of doorstop granary toast with vegan spread – a hearty and delicious breakfast with not a scrap left behind.

If you’re after something a little lighter and more saintly, the colourful avocado salad may be for you. Classic salad ingredients combined with a good portion of avocado, fresh homemade coleslaw and a helping of the french dressing packed this salad with punchy flavours.

With its location close to the river for a post-brunch stroll and plenty more to choose from on the menu, Cafe Magdalen has found another returning customer.

Breakfast at Cafe Magdalen

Drinks at Cafe Magdalen

Salad at Cafe Magdalen

Breakfast at Cafe Magdalen

Interior of Cafe Magdalen

Interior at Cafe Magdalen