Welcome to an online hub of all things vegan in the Exeter area and beyond

The aim of this website is to gather all of the amazing vegan food, shopping and lifestyle options that are on your doorstep – and with so many more still to share with you, Rooted Exeter will no doubt grow and grow.

I want to prove just how easy, straightforward and rewarding following a vegan lifestyle can be, while making your life easier by showing you where you can discover great vegan options locally. So get stuck in, explore, then get out there and see for yourself.

Recently moved to Exeter, new to veganism or just visiting the area?

Take a look around this site so you don’t miss out on some of the best vegan outlets and products in this lovely part of the world, and make sure to check out the fab local vegan community:

• Exeter Friends for Animals: www.effauk.org

• Exeter Vegans and Vegetarians Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/exeterveg

• Devon Animal Save: www.devonanimalsave.org