NO.1 POLSLOE: An indie treasure

Breakfast, Eating out, Lunch, Tea & Cake

A picturesque, independently-run gem, for breakfast that’s just as beautiful as the interior. At No.1 Polsloe, an instantly welcoming atmosphere is set against a backdrop that oozes cool and charm. With a rustic but cosy interior, luscious green plants adorn the windowsills and countertops, pops of colour in the form of flowers hang from the … Read More

CAFE MAGDALEN: Big breakfasts and friendly folk

Breakfast, Eating out, Lunch

Sitting modestly amongst the charming selection of shops along Magdalen Road, a bustling cafe offers a surprisingly wide range of plant-based options in a lively and comfortable setting. From fry-ups to paninis, there’s a surprising range of vegan options on this menu. Vegetarian and vegan options are marked on the menu at Cafe Magdalen, and … Read More

CHOCOCO: For sweet-toothed vegans

Eating out, Shop, Tea & Cake

With a bright and colourful yet classy interior, Chococo seem to have set this perfect tone of ‘a kid in a candy store all grown up’. Anyone following a vegan lifestyle might normally walk straight past a chocolate haven such as this, expecting little to be on offer for them, accept perhaps for a plain … Read More

THE PLANT CAFE: Fresh and fulfilling

Breakfast, Eating out, Lunch, Tea & Cake

Having opened 12 years ago, The Plant is a well-established vegetarian cafe in the centre of Exeter, servicing the veggie community with an array of healthy options for breakfast and lunch, many of which are put together with locally sourced produce. The menu changes up often, with different salad selections and handmade pastries to try each … Read More