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SEASONS: An all-year round vegan haven

You’d struggle to be vegan for long in Exeter without soon discovering Seasons. A treasure-trove of plant-based delights, this independent shop is 100% vegan, meaning you can browse safely in the comfort of knowing that anything you pick up – from chorizo strips and pepperoni pizza to whipped cream and chocolate – is completely vegan-friendly. No more scouring the long ingredients lists – this is vegan utopia.

Owner Chris gives every customer a warm welcome, and he’s always on hand to help with finding any specific items or even just for a chat on a rainy afternoon. For a small store their selection is vast, and time can happily be wasted here discovering new brands, products and forms of coconut you didn’t know existed. You’ll find an array of old favourites as well as mysterious new items, with a huge range of stock available, from fresh fruit and veg to eco household products. Many of us have been down that path of finding an awesome-looking recipe for a veganised dish that we’re eager to try, but a strange-sounding ingredient stops us in our tracks – fear not, Exeter vegans, as chances are Seasons will have it.

Delicious vegan goodies and a warm glow inside from doing something good – what more could you want?

Seasons also have a great selection of alternatives to the big brands, making it easier (and often tastier) to support small, local businesses. If you’re a fan of the Sainsbury’s and Tesco range of Free From cheeses, you can find the exact same stuff in Seasons – under the Sheese brand, made by Bute Island, who originally produced the cheese. Seasons stock the same range of flavours at the same price – the only difference here is the packaging, and that you can support a local business rather than a supermarket giant for the same product. If you’re keen to avoid anything made by Unilever, we can highly recommend grabbing a pot of Natex from Seasons instead of good ol’ Marmite.

After a first visit to Seasons, it no doubt becomes a staple stop-off in any vegan’s shopping trip to Exeter – which, conveniently, helps us all out, as shopping locally and independently comes with many benefits, including boosting the local economy. Delicious vegan goodies and a warm glow inside from doing something good – what more could you want?  //  //