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HOW ON EARTH: It’s a very good question…

A delicious new plant-based product that could win over any die-hard KFC fan has hit the shelves of your local vegan shop in Exeter.

How On Earth, a vegan team based in Devon, bring you their lovingly handmade southern-style seitan. It has a temptingly well-seasoned coating, mimics the flavour and texture of chicken impressively well and tastes great just eaten straight out of the box – the perfect convenience food. If you’re a fan of meat alternatives, a transitioning vegan or vegetarian or just on the lookout for something new in salads and sandwiches, this is a product that has to be tasted to be believed.

The brains behind it all belong to Heidi and Chloe Howarth, the mother and daughter business partner duo who are sure to make How On Earth a success. The inspiration for this new venture came from their family’s desire to find more quick and easy vegan food. “Once my mum, dad and I had all turned vegan, we quickly realised that the lack of convenience foods was the hardest part of being vegan and we wanted to change that,” said Chloe, who’s been vegan for about two years. She adds, “I brought veganism into the house, and because my mum has been vegetarian her whole life she quickly made the change too. We’ve always loved animals and realised the hypocrisy of eating animal products, and we all agree that we feel so much healthier from it too!”

We wanted people to feel like they didn’t have to waste an animal’s life to fill a craving

For those not so in the know, seitan (pronounced say-tan) fits into the same group as tofu and tempeh, in that it’s often prepared and eaten as a meat substitute in a dish. Unlike its soy-based counterparts, however, seitan is made from wheat gluten. It’s packed with protein, adopts flavours well and has a remarkably meat-like texture. Despite a devilishly-sounding name, seitan tastes heavenly when prepped and cooked well, and if you don’t fancy the fuss of making it yourself, we’ve got How on Earth to do that for us. And luckily, we can pick up a box (or four) of their seitan whenever we’re in town and paying a visit to Exeter’s only 100% vegan food shop, Seasons.

As for the future of How On Earth, we can excitedly watch this space, as Chloe tells me: “We’re only just starting up, but we’re looking to change the face of convenience foods. We purposely made the seitan perfect to eat straight out of the box because we wanted people to feel like they didn’t have to waste an animal’s life to fill a craving! We are currently working on adding other products to our range, such as a chicken roast for Christmas, sandwich slices, and some festive charcuterie.”

If this seitan is anything to go by, I’ll be the first to grab whatever they fill the shop shelves with next.



I served my seitan among a pile of fresh crisp salad ingredients in soft whole wheat tortillas, along with some bacon-flavoured croutons and a generous drizzling of garlicky ranch dressing for a little indulgence.

Chop up all these goodies:

Chuck them all into some of these:

And drizzle some of this delicious dressing over the top:

Try to recover from the shock of how good this all tastes and thank me later.